On April 19, 2018, my sweet little Bella went to join her sister, Babe, across the Rainbow Bridge.  Bella was 13 years and 8 months old and was a constant companion and best friend.  I am missing her so much, but it was time to let her go.  Her ashes were spread in the same spot as Babe's, so they can now run free together.
In Memory of Babe and Bella
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On January 18, 2010, after a month-long illness and finally total loss of bowel and kidney function, I had to make the most painful decision to end my beloved Babe's suffering at the age of 11.

She was the sweetest little girl and gave me many years of memories and happy times together.  I miss her terribly along with her sister Bella who I know is grieving for her also.

I would like to thank the staff at Hermitage Veterinary Hospital and especially Dr. Jessica Miller, who tried everything possible to find a solution, but in the end there was nothing more to be done.