Sandy's Waggin' Wheels went into operation in 2008 after several years of looking after various animals for friends and family, as well as my own pets.  

I currently have a Shepherd/Husky cross (BELLA) who is extremely affectionate and gets along with every cat and dog she has ever come into contact with.  I also adopted a Shepherd/cross puppy (LAILA) from the Second Chance Animal Rescue Society (SCARS) who is the sweetest well-mannered little girl you will ever meet! AND we have a new Husky/mix puppy (SIERRA) as of November, 2011, who also came to us from SCARS and she is loved by all (four-legged and two-legged creatures alike)!!

In 2013, we added two more dogs to our "pack" and now have Oliver, a small Chinese-crested Maltese and Rena, a Beautiful Shepherd!  

I am dedicated to providing a professional, quality and reliable service to all pet  lovers out there who are looking for someone they can count on to be there when they are needed most.  I am a LICENSED and BONDABLE professional with LIABILITY INSURANCE and a CLEAR CRIMINAL RECORD CHECK to give you peace of mind.  

Please contact me with questions about any aspect of my business.  I am always happy to hear from fellow dog lovers!
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Sandy with Babe and Bella
BELLA (left) and Laila (right) - CAMPING - SUMMER, 2010
OLIVER - 2013
RENA - 2013